PHOX @ Casa Del Popolo

Recapping the PHOX show @ Casa Del Popolo #callmejonz #phox #jesunde #casadelpopolo #mtlblogger

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In this technology driven age in which we live, I can thank the music blogs, social networks and media platforms for being a constant source of new music for me. When I stumbled across a recommendation from one such source with just a photo of PHOX’s self-titled album debut I was curious. After all it was just a photo of a fireplace hearth with the bust of a hare hanging above it with the name…

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In Rotation: My Sweet Summer

Music from Mother, Arkells, Interpol, Spoon, Bear Hands and more….”In Rotation: My Sweet Summer” #callmejonz


I hate to say it but summer is coming to an end. With a string of fall like weather conditions that we’ve been experiencing these past few days it sure felt like it.

Okay okay so it’s only mid August but still…that being said I still have quite a bit of exciting things to look forward to before it’s over. The Arcade Fire concert in Toronto, my friend’s wedding, and a trip to the west coast. So…

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Pop Up Perrier
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I was recently invited to attend the Pop Up Perrier event at Parisian Laundry exhibition space in Saint-Henri. The concept was a modern take on the rec room. It was quite the experience. From the moment you step into the space you’re overtaken by the unique ambiance- the artificial grass that covered the floors made it easier to get around without getting heels stuck, haha.

The dimly lit room was…

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In Rotation: “Early Morning Dreamer” #callmejonz #inrotation #newmusic

I live for those five or ten extra minutes in bed where I just lie awake and think before starting my day.

In Rotation: “Early Morning Dreamer” #callmejonz #inrotation #newmusic

I live for those five or ten extra minutes in bed where I just lie awake and think before starting my day.

Mural Fest 2014

Recapping “Mural Fest 2014” on the blog today… #callmejonz #muralfest2014 #montreal #streetart #festival

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So I have been noticeable absent from the blogging world…I have a very good excuse though. I was busy living and mentally capturing events as opposed to documenting it. I was also very busy with work and some other tasks. But alas I am here again!

One of my favourite festivals that took place so far this summer was Mural Fest. It took place from June 12th-15th along Saint-Laurent street downtown…

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Florals & Fruit

Spring calls for… “Florals & Fruit” #callmejonz #freshprints #fruitsandflorals #thrifted #fashion

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Outfits of the day have gotten a tad more complicated. I love spring and summer but sometimes I find I still have those go to items that somehow make their way into my outfits during the weak…that special scarf, those favourite flats or that camel colored cardigan. Admit it you have your faves as well!

Well the other day I opened my drawer and saw neglected articles of clothing…more specifically…

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A trip to the U.S Capital of Washington, D.C

"A trip to the U.S Capital of Washington, D.C" #callmejonz #washingtonDC #wanderlust


What I love most about D.C is the historical aspect of the capital. Weekend trips tend to fly by so quickly so I promised myself that this time when I went to Washington, DC I would make it my aim to visit Capitol Hill again and the monuments. It was Memorial Day weekend in the states and my sister, her boyfriend and I decided to go on a quick trip to visit my cousin who had recently gotten…

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Bookworm: The Fault in our Stars

Finally finished this one…and it’s a tear-jerker…”Bookworm: The Fault in our Stars” #callmejonz #bookworm

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This month’s read goes out to John Green’s young adult novel The Fault in Our Stars.  I was a bit hesitant to start reading this one, because I heard it was pretty sad, but when a good friend suggested it to me and proceeded to lend me his copy, how could I say no? And so I gave it a go. He did again warn me that it was a real tear-jerker, and boy was he right.

The novel tells the story of Hazel…

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Those who wander…

"Those who wander…" #callmejonz #travel #personal


I can’t believe that summer is already here. In a way it serves as a reminder that time is really flying by but on another note it excites me to know that festival season is right around the corner. It seems like just yesterday I was thinking about what I would be doing this year, where I would be, and with whom. I think as I get older I have come to the realization that I am growing as a person,…

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Canadian Tulip Fest in Ottawa

Stop and smell the…tulips every once in a while :) …a trip to the “Canada Tulip Fest in Ottawa” #callmejonz


The Canadian Tulip Festivalruns from May 9th- May 19th in Ottawa and in Gatineau and when my sister had an appointment in Ottawa this past weekend, we as a family decided to drop everything and take an impromptu trip across the Ontario/ Quebec border and head to Ottawa. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the previously forecast rain held off. So in other words it was perfect. Although I was a bit…

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